CalcPad是一个笔记应用程序与强大的计算器内置。它可以执行基本的计算,以及复杂的单位转换,实时货币转换和百分比, 它甚至可以处理变量和自定义函数。

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CalcPad for Mac 1.1 介绍

CalcPad is a note taking app with powerful calculator built in. It can perform basic calculations as well as complex unit conversions, real time currency conversions and percentages. It can even handle variables and custom functions if you need them.

With a handy menubar icon, global access shortcut and window options, it will be your ultimate go-to app for fast note taking and napkin math needs.

Don't forget to check iOS App Store for the iPhone and iPad version!

CalcPad for Mac 1.1 破解版 - 笔记应用程序与强大的内置计算器

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