Contexts for Mac 3.2.0 破解版 - 窗口快速切换效率工具


Contexts 是一款Mac上实用的窗口快速切换效率工具,非常适合在 Mac 上有多任务同时并发进行的环境使用,相比系统自带的程序窗口切换功能,Contexts具有更加强大的功能,比如数字快捷键切换、正在运行程序的侧边栏等都非常的实用,很不错!

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Contexts for Mac 3.2.0 介绍

Contexts is a radically faster and simpler window switcher. It gives you 4 ways to switch windows:

  1. Switch with one click to any window: An auto-hiding sidebar shows your windows organized in groups. To switch to a window just click its title in the list. It is as simple as that.
  2. Switch with one keystroke to 9 windows and with two keystrokes to any window: This is super fast. Each window gets a window number based on its position in the list. To switch to a window just press Option+window-number. It you are a keyboard person you will love it.
  3. Cycle through recently used windows: Command+Tab switcher fails if your applications have multiple windows. With Option+Tab Contexts lets you cycle through individual windows and switch to any of them directly.
  4. Switch with search to any window: Invoke panel with keyboard shortcut and type a few characters from the application name or window title to filter the list using fuzzy matching. Press enter to bring selected window forward.


Version 3.2.0:

  • Keyboard shortcuts can be fully customized for Command-Tab switchers.
  • Multiple switchers can be set up each with their own configuration.
  • Any keyboard shortcut can be used for search. Previously, keyboard shortcuts which were used for macOS system features could not be used.
  • An option has been added for increasing the interface text contrast.
  • Dock icon badges are correctly shown for apps whose name differs from their file name (e.g., Airmail).
  • The keyboard layout correctly changes if the search shortcut is pressed when the Panel is already visible.
  • Improvements have been made to the app’s memory utilization.
Contexts for Mac 3.2.0 破解版 - 窗口快速切换效率工具

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