DxO Optics Pro 是一款Mac上专业的摄影照片后期处理工具,简单易用,具有强大的图片处理能力,几乎支持目前所有的RAW 图片格式, 在调色光补偿方面有相当大的优势,只需要简单的点击就可以快速的处理图片,支持照片的校验、优化、转换等,摄影爱好者必备的一款后期图片处理工具!

[DxO OpticsPro 10 在官网上售价199美元,约合人民币1200元]

DxO OpticsPro 10 for Mac 10.5.3 介绍

Thanks to DxO OpticsPro's exclusive technologies, instantly correct all the optical defects of your equipment, remove digital noise even at high sensitivities, recover fine details and textures in dark or burnt areas, and bring out all the nuances of color in your images.

With DxO OpticsPro's outstanding performance, bring out the best in your RAW and JPEG photos in just a few clicks, regardless of shooting conditions.

Main Features
  • Exclusive Prime denoising technology
  • ClearView haze removal
  • DxO Smart Lighting exposure optimization
  • Automatic optical corrections

To see supported and planned lens/camera combinations, please view this page.

DxO Optics Pro comes in two editions: Essential and Elite, for $129 and $199, respectively. Check out the differences between Standard and Elite

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