InstantTranslate for Mac 1.2 破解版 - 即时翻译工具



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InstantTranslate for Mac 1.2 介绍

InstantTranslate makes it really easy to translate a selection of text in the application you are working in from one language to another language. Simply select a piece of text hit the shortcut key: Command+Shift+@ (⌘⇧@). InstantTranslate will translate the selected text to the selected destination language, automatically detecting the language of the selection.


  • Uses Microsoft® Translator as translation engine.
  • Automatically detect the language of the selected text.
  • Select the source language if auto detection is not desired.
  • Select select the destination language.
  • Supported Languages:
    • Arabic, French, Latvian, Swedish
    • Bulgarian, German, Lithuanian, Thai
    • Chinese Simplified, Greek, Norwegian, Turkish
    • Chinese Traditional, Haitian Creole, Polish, Ukrainian
    • Czech, Hebrew, Portuguese, Vietnamese
    • Danish, Hungarian, Romanian
    • Dutch, Indonesian, Russian
    • English, Italian, Slovak
    • Estonian, Japanese, Slovenian
    • Finnish, Korean, Spanish
  • Change the shortcut key to any key combination. The default key is Command+Shift+@ (⌘⇧@).
  • Result is shown in a simple pop-up window. No bells and whistles, plain results.
  • Remember the position and size of the pop-up window. Put it where you prefer it and it will popup in exactly the same place with the same size as you left it.
  • InstantTranslate is available in 4 languages. English, Dutch, Polish, German, Japanese and Chines. More languages coming soon.
InstantTranslate for Mac 1.2 破解版 - 即时翻译工具

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