Smart Scroll 是Mac os平台上的一款非常不错的Mac窗口软件,Smart Scroll for mac能够让用户更好的滑动自己的窗口,使用起来非常的简单,软件所占的内存也非常的小,不会影响自己的电脑运行速度,设置也很简单。

[Smart Scroll 在官网上售价14美元,约合人民币85元]

Smart Scroll for Mac 4.1.0 介绍

Smart Scroll makes scrolling smoother, faster, and more comfortable.

  • Scroll Wheel+ & Multi-Touch+: smoother, more comfortable and/or faster scrolling for your trackpad or mouse. Try it!
  • Hover Scroll: just hover the cursor near the top or bottom of a window and relax, no need to keep scrolling!
  • Auto Scroll: read more comfortably with automatic, hands-free scrolling!
  • Grab Scroll: the best way to scroll with a graphics tablet or regular mouse!
  • Scroll Keys: scroll from the keyboard with the same keys in all applications.
  • Vector Scroll: popular with Windows and Firefox users, now available for all Mac apps!

Improves even the latest trackpads and mice! Other features include trackpad and scroll wheel acceleration, and more.

Smart Scroll for Mac 4.1.0 - 灵活窗口控制管理工具

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