TextBar for Mac 3.0.369 破解版 - 任何文本添加到菜单栏


TextBar 可以使用脚本来任何东西添加到您的菜单栏

[TextBar 在 GitHub 上可以升级更新]

TextBar for Mac 3.0.369 介绍

TextBar allows you to use scripts to add anything to your menu bar.

  • Configure TextBar to run scripts/commands/… and display the results in your menubar
  • Quickly copy the text to your clipboard
  • Enable/disable each item individually
  • Configure how often you want each item to be updated
  • Configure whether you want to be notified when the text changes
  • Drag/drop reordering in the Preferences table


Version 3.0.369:

  • No upgrade fee from TextBar v1 or v2
  • New Preferences UI - Complete re-written preferences UI to make it easier to add and edit TextBar items
  • Share TextBar Items - Use the new Export button to save and share TextBar items with other TextBar users
  • Shortcut to Refresh - You can now assign a shortcut key to a TextBar item so you can quickly refresh it; you could use use this as a simple script runner
  • Drag-and-Drop Images - Drag-and-drop an image file onto the new preferences image area to use your own image for your TextBar item
  • Numerous fixes and improvements
TextBar for Mac 3.0.369 破解版 - 任何文本添加到菜单栏

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