Timerik for Mac 1.3 破解版 - 小巧灵活的定时闹钟程序


Timerik 是一款非常实用的定时闹钟软件,这款软件可以帮助用户非常方便的在Mac电脑上设定定时闹钟,非常的简单易用,欢迎有需要的小伙伴前来下载使用。

[Timerik 在Mac App Store 上售价人民币18元]

Timerik for Mac 1.3 介绍

Timirik app is a beautiful, handy and easy to use tool that allows to set a timer for some action.

Basic action is a simple notification. If you don't wanna forget about a cake in a oven, just set the Timerik!

But the power of the app is a flexible management of applescripts. You can add to the app any applescript that you want. Wanna to shutdown your mac after 2 hours of watching a movie? Just install that action in the settings window and set the Timerik!


  • Small and huge at the same time
  • Quick set up: save a default action and use the +/– 30 min. buttons for time adjusting
  • Automatic installation of the default actions: Shutdown, Restart, Sleep, Log out and Stop music
  • You can set any applescript that you want
  • Multiple windows: setting an additional notifications
  • Status bar assistants: information about which counter and when will be run
Timerik for Mac 1.3 破解版 - 小巧灵活的定时闹钟程序
Timerik for Mac 1.3 破解版 - 小巧灵活的定时闹钟程序
Timerik for Mac 1.3 破解版 - 小巧灵活的定时闹钟程序

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