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TripMode for Mac 1.0.5 介绍

能够控制允许联网的应用,想到什么了,Little Snitch?对的,对于那些自认为Little Snitch拖慢了上网速度,Little Snitch使用麻烦的人来,是一个相当好的替代品。

TripMode automatically reduces your mobile data consumption when you use a mobile hotspot

Block Unwanted Traffic:
  • Only apps that you’ve selected are allowed to access the Internet when TripMode is ON. The rest is blocked.
Save Data Automatically:
  • TripMode activates itself on networks where you used it before. No need to fiddle in menus.
Track Your Data Usage:
  • See how much data was used per app and per session, day, or month. Spot the data hungry apps.


Version 1.0.5:

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