Vellum Mac 破解版 Mac上优秀的电子书制作工具

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Vellum 是一款Mac上优秀的电子书制作工具,把文本生成为图文格式的电子书,如iBooks, Kindle, Nook等,简单易用。

[Vellum 在官网售价 199.99 美元]

Vellum 2.6.3 Mac 破解版 介绍

Vellum Mac版是Mac os平台上的一款帮助用户把文本生成为图文格式的图书,Vellum Mac版从几个选项中选择合适的样式,查看成品的即时预览,并方便地生成和再生电子书,只需一次点击,以避免在发现错误的灾难。


  • Vellum for Mac是一个功能强大的电子书生成工具,可以让你轻松地将一个文本手稿创建电子图书,或从头开始在应用程序中创建一个电子图书。从几个选项中选择合适的样式,查看成品的即时预览,并方便地生成和再生电子书,只需一次点击,以避免在发现错误的崩溃现象。
  • Vellum for Mac自身带有书本样式和无线主题套件,能够让你为你的iBook,kindle和nook创建属于你自己的电子书。

Creating beautiful eBooks has never been easier.

Vellum is free to download, but requires an in-app purchase to generate your final, ready-to-upload eBooks.

    • Open your manuscript with Vellum and you'll immediately see it as a book, divided into chapters.
    • Use Vellum to edit your book, or even start a new book from scratch.
    • Enhance your book with photographs, illustrations, maps, or any other kind of image.
    • Choose from dozens of possible formatting options in Vellum's Style Carousel.
    • As you make changes, see how your book will look in the instant, as-you-type Preview.
    • With one click, generate your eBook for iBooks, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and Google Play.

"The easiest ebook-builder on the market" — Serenity Caldwell, iMore

What's New in Vellum

Version 2.6.4:

  • Athelas and Iowan print fonts are again available on macOS Catalina
  • Fixed centering of a Trace chapter heading in Apple Books
  • Corrected inset of a Verse style on Kindle
  • Fixed importing manuscripts with a capitalized DOCX extension
  • Hyphenation is now disabled within a Dedication
  • Added translations for the Endnotes (“Notes”) element

Version 2.6.1:

Note: Vellum 2.6 no longer uses KindleGen for ebook generation, and is ready for macOS Catalina

  • You can now add an affiliate code for links to Google Play
  • Simplified approval of Restore requests for your license
  • Fixed a rare problem with incorrect page numbers
  • Improved editing margin values in regions that use a comma

Version 2.5.4:

  • Fixed Find & Replace in endnotes, subheads, and image captions
  • Position of Uncategorized titles now matches other elements

Version 2.5.3:

  • Fixed Paragraph After Break style for sections beginning with an Alignment Block
  • Adjusted Medium-sized images so Flow options work as expected on Kindle

Version 2.3.1:

  • Fixed a problem with the Table of Contents crossing the inside margin in print
  • Fixed a rare crash when pasting into the Text Editor

Version 2.0.7:

  • When using macOS 10.13 High Sierra, tall cover images are no longer cut off in Vellum’s preview
  • Fixed cases where italics or font choices could cause unbalanced spreads in print
  • Improved potentially-inaccurate paragraph-after-break previews in Vellum’s style carousel
  • Replaced problematic style declarations for inline images in Kindle ebooks
  • To avoid potential warnings from KDP, removed all uses of line-height from Kindle ebooks
Vellum Mac 破解版 Mac上优秀的电子书制作工具

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